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Why is it worth choosing a group trip to Wieliczka to Salis?

When planning a group trip to Krakow, you are probably looking for a comfortable accommodation in a quiet area.
Wieliczka is such a place ... such a place is above all the Salis hotel, where not only comfortable rooms await your group, but also the restaurant courtyard (at the back of the building), where you can, among others, have a morning coffee in the fresh air, as well as a spacious park where children can play for hours, and adults can rest relaxing on sun loungers or in hammocks.
The hotel has a monitored, unguarded car park, where you can park your coach without any obstacles. Of course, it is completely free for our guests.

It has been known for a long time that the main attraction of our city is the Wieliczka Salt Mine, whose many advantages cannot be enumerated. Of course, we also heartily recommend visiting it, thus ensuring that the interiors of its endless labyrinths and the centuries-old history dating back to the beginning of the last millennium will take your breath away!

If you organize group trips for sportsmen (tournaments, camps, individual matches, etc.), the Salis Hotel will be an ideal accommodation base, as it is located only 550 m from the "Salt City" Educational and Recreation Center (sports fields, tennis courts, indoor swimming pool, sports hall , the gym). In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is also a park with walking paths, which is a great place for morning warm-up, evening jogging or Nordic walking.

Wieliczka is a beautiful, green corner of Poland, which is teeming with life thanks to the incredible number of tourist attractions, but it should also be mentioned about its advantages resulting from its geographical location. Organization of group trips is based on reaching as many people as possible with the target of a given trip, and in order to arouse the interest of different people who follow different tastes and personal preferences, you should look at each trip from a wide angle ... and at this point the question of the aforementioned geographical location begins Wieliczka, because our city is not only an attraction in itself, but also a very good base for trips to other locations, such as Kraków (Łagiewniki - 11 km, Wawel - 13 km), Wadowice (52 km) or Oświęcim (79 km).

If you are organizing a group trip to Krakow, and your group will only be passing through in Wieliczka, we will also be happy to host you. Our restaurant will prepare a gastronomic offer "tailored" to your expectations and possibilities, adjusting to your budget and the time you will be able to spend on a meal between visiting the countless attractions of our hospitable region.

We invite you to contact us regarding the offer for groups by calling: +48 730 320 364.

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